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...a series of tips to help you build business success through employee satisfaction and organizational culture

Tips 31-40

Articles adapted from Natalie Wickham

Tip 31: Integrate with your HRIS

Performance software can carry a huge administrative burden. Make things easier by finding a software that integrates with your existing HRIS.

Tip 32: Extend your voice

Employees should see and feel your employer brand in all your workplace technology. This will extend the reach of your engagement efforts and reinforce your identity.


Tip 33: Make information more accessible

Make sure employees have easy access to the information they need, such as benefits or career development. Use chat as a safe place for employees to ask questions, get answers, and schedule time to talk more if needed.

Tip 34: Clearly articulate professional development paths

Professional development opportunities are essential for engaging and retaining employees. Make sure that what you're offering is meaningful and effective to the employees who are using them. It should be easy for employees to access information about any opportunities available to them.

Tip 35: Re-evaluate how you select managers

Managers are typically promoted based on performance. But they need soft skills to coach, invest in, develop, and maximize their teams. Shift your focus to selecting managers based on these types of skills. Managers are key to driving employee engagement.

Tip 36: Make them move

Something as simple as your office layout could impact employees. Think: what are the routes my employees take every day? Bathroom, coffee pot, and water cooler are the big three. Get employees out of their routine and into more chance encounters. Chance encounters increase organizational familiarity and grease the wheels for more organic and creative conversations.

Tip 37: Take advantage of video conferencing as much as possible

Use video conferencing and screen sharing to help remote employees stay engaged in meetings. Encourage employees to use video calls for one-on-one conversations as well. This helps team members foster deeper connections and better relationships.


Tip 38: Foster social interaction

Get your remote workers out of their pajamas and into the office. Encourage them to hop into a co-working space every now and then. These environments are ideal for improving work mentality, fostering innovation, and more. Your normal team-building activities should also include remote team members.

Tip 39: Pay for a visit

Pay for your remote employees to visit your home office several times a year. This will cement relationships that are built over the computer and phone.

Tip 40: Be accessible

Managers and employees need to have face-to-face interactions. How can you invest in different shifts? Especially those who don't usually get the benefit of visible time with managers?