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...a series of tips to help you build business success through employee satisfaction and organizational culture

Tips 41-50

Articles adapted from Natalie Wickham

Tip 41: Host leadership lunches

Lunches with leadership increase transparency and communication, especially in companies with employees working varied shifts. It is important for everyone to see and hear consistent messages. Bring in a catered, casual lunch and review your values and goals with the team.

Tip 42: Connect survey data with turnover data

Are there correlations between your engagement and your turnover? Link your engagement survey data to turnover data. Identify items that differ the most between your termed and non-termed employees. If you notice trends among certain groups, schedule focus groups to dive deeper into those differences.

Tip 43: Keep in touch

Maintain a good relationship with termed employees. Consider meeting a couple of times a year to catch up. This will do wonders to boost employer brand. It also shows current employees that you value them outside of the employment.


Tip 44: Clearly define values and recognize employees for them

All employees should have a clear understanding of your values and how they come to life. Reinforce these values by recognizing employees when they exhibit them.

Tip 45: Position change management as an ongoing process

Change management isn’t a ‘point-in-time’ activity that you do once and cross off the list. Make it clear to employees that this will be an organizational journey.

Tip 46: Create Traditions

Culture is made up of shared traditions, habits, artifacts, and language. Look for opportunities and activities to create shared experiences around giving and receiving feedback.

Tip 47: Expect the best from your team

An organization is only as strong as its weakest link. Don't let poor performers drag down other employees. Help your managers implement continuous performance strategies so they can identify and manage performance issues early.

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Tip 48: Set the tone from the top

Like any element that you want to make part of your organizational culture, it starts at the top. Leaders must model giving and receiving feedback well. And they must do it on a regular basis.

Tip 49: Highlight decisions made based on feedback

When you make a decision or change based on someone’s feedback, let them know. Don’t only focus on communicating the decision or change; focus on the why. “Why did we do this? Because of your feedback.”

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Tip 50: Commit to a shared vision

Who quits their high school basketball team in the middle of the state playoff game? You’d be hard-pressed to find a single example. Why? Because their vision is staring them straight in the face. They might win, they might lose, but you better believe they’re going to stay around until it’s over. To keep employees around, set a clear vision for individual impact and organizational success.