Awards Season


It’s Awards Season! Is your company ready?


In an increasingly demanding and stressful work culture, employers would do well to recognize employees’ hard work and achievements. Recognition improves employee morale, productivity, and retention. Companies that have effective recognition programs have 31% lower voluntary turnover than those that don’t. (Anderson, 2018)

How do you do this? Use the acronym SAPS. Give status, access, power, and stuff.

Here are some of the best tangible, and non-tangible, ways to reward your employees.


Cash is king

This grants your employees complete autonomy over their reward, and has the simplicity of being able to run through payroll, so that taxes don’t need to be dealt with separately.


Coffee with the boss

…or any time spent that allows the employee to build relationships with company leaders. It could be in the form of coffee or lunch, or a group outing, such as a painting class or pizza party.

board and brush

Paid time off

Work-life balance is also essential to employee satisfaction, and people tend to value paid time off as much as cash.


Physical awards

No matter how accomplished, and how old people get, whether they admit it or not, most everyone still wants a gold star. Something to look at and place on their desk or work area as a token of recognition. Crystal awards with inner etching are popular, as are full-color, custom shaped awards. The variety available is astounding, and you can really say “WOW” with these types of awards.

Custom company stores by Creative Resources

There is also the option of company merch, purchasable through company stores. Creative Resources offers company stores to many of our clients, allowing employees to purchase & order anything from Bluetooth speakers to new uniforms. These stores offer the option of discounts and gift certificates, which the employee can use to place these orders.