The ones who keep it running

  • Jan's head shot


    Jan is another friendly Program Coordinator, who loves the outdoors, as long as the ants, mice, and mosquitoes stay away! She loves the creativity of her team.

  • Char's head shot


    Char is an Account Manager, whose favorite quote is, "The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.” She is happiest outdoors on a beautiful day, with her dog and her family. You can probably beat her at golf.

  • Nicole

    Nicole our Lead Account Manager, whose favorite cause is recovery programs. She can tie a cherry stem in a knot with her tongue. She may or may not be a secret FBI profiler. Shhh.

  • Liz head shot


    Liz is our Ecommerce Manager. She enjoys running, bowling, and singing. You may call her Lizard, but you may not hand her a Lizard. 

  • Amanda head shot


    Amanda is an Account Manager who skips out on Minnesota winters when she can, opting to bask in the sunshine closer to the equator. Try challenging her to 80's trivia. I dare you.

The ones who keep track of it all

  • Kym

    Kym is our dog loving, polka dancing controller. You can usually find her outdoors, tending her garden, but avoiding insects. She briefly considered using her 4th grade picture here, but the braces and permed hair made her reconsider.

  • Michelle P

    This is the first of many Michelles. Give this lady a piano and a tiara, and prepare to be amazed. Julia Roberts is the top candidate to play Michelle in the story of her life.

  • Michelle P

    Michelle is our A/R Specialist, who is passionate about family, the State Fair, and Alzheimer's research. She is a 5-time meat raffle winner who can hula hoop circles around you.

  • Beth's head shot


    Beth is our musical performer, and Jill of All Trades. She loves movies, reading, and Vikings. You can probably catch her on a stage in town this week.

  • Brian's head shot


    Brian is our Warehouse Manager and resident comedian. He keeps your company store running smoothly, slinging out packages at lightning speed.

They source. They strategize. They are your sales team.

  • Lisa's head shot


    Lisa is a Sales Executive. You wouldn't know it by talking to her, but she was born and raised in Scarsdale, New York. (Yes, the home of the Scarsdale diet!)

  • Bridget

    Bridget is a Senior account Manager, and has a special gift for finding the slowest line at the grocery store. If she starts singing, that's your cue that the party is over.

    Phone: 612-558-3268

  • Laura's head shot


    Laura is a National Sales Executive. She blends her two favorite things; buying and problem-solving, to make her clients look terrific. Laura will watch The Bachelor with you, as long as you bring Mike and Ike's, and leave by 9.

  • Matt

    Matt is a Senior Project Manager who spends his free time exploring all the music, food, sports, and culture the Twin Cities has to offer. He loves working with a great group of diverse clients all over the country.

  • Amanda's head shot


    Amanda is a Project Manager at Creative Resources, who loves to travel and do yoga. She loves the unique challenges here, and she has a secret talent,'s a secret.

  • Kia head shot


    Kia represents our east coast office in Virginia. A perfect day of freedom for her would include hiking boots, and her dog Zoey. In fact, if she could shrink Zoey and keep her in her pocket, she would.

  • Jason

    Jason is a passionate beach-goer and ocean therapy advocate. His energy and positive personality are infectious. If you ask Jason to do the "hambone" dance, he will probably do it just to make you smile.

The ones who make your stuff pretty

  • Mike's head shot


    Mike is the Lead Graphics Designer. He makes your swag stand out. When the sun's out, you'll find him off-roading in his Jeep. He would like to be a mongoose in his next life.

  • Jen

    Jen handles the website, social media, photography, and helps Mike make all of your merch amazing. She used to foster animals, but had to stop, because she tends to keep them. Jen is easily distrac

Want to join this crazy bunch?

We're always looking for outstanding talent. If you have a lot of ideas, a sense of humor, and a killer work ethic, apply here. Tells us what you can bring to our table! (Besides cupcakes. But you can also bring cupcakes.)