Born in the USA: Buying american made to support our economy

Technology being what it is, we have all had access to a global network of options for a long time. Consumers can easily search out items based on quality, reviews, and price. However, in 2020, as tariffs rise and imports become more complicated, as well as the U.S. workforce reeling from the shutdowns from COVID-19, there are many reasons why products made in the USA should be high priority for us and our clients.
By investing more in American-made products, both manufactured and sourced, more money goes back into U.S. jobs, creating more economic security in our country.

There is also, of course, the sense of patriotism that has always gone alone with buying U.S.A. made. Supporting local business means we will continue to have access to these products and services within our "neighborhoods," so to speak.

We know what is meant by "manufactured in the U.S.A," but do we know what it means to be sourced here? Many of our products, while being manufactured here, still source their parts from several locations around the world. For example, the iphone is made overseas, with products from Japan, Korea, and China, but the precious metals that are used are sourced in the United States.

In short, buying U.S. products is a way we can support our own communities and make a real economic impact. Also, promoting your own company with American made products shows that we care about our fellow citizens, and are doing our part to strengthen the economy as much as possible.

We have listed some of our favorite U.S. made products in this week's blast. Check it out!