How to use color trends in your promotional products

Colors have the power to evoke a psychological response in us, whether we realize it or not. They inspire emotions and memories that range from joyous occasions like birthdays and graduations all the way down through more basic pleasures such as dinner at home with friends on Friday night!

Successful brands know this, and use the power of color to deliver a strong message.

Photos & graphics: Scott Oliveri,

Warm colors: Red, Orange, Pink

Warm colors include the popular reds and oranges, as well their variations such as pink. Warm color schemes are said to create feelings of warmth due in part from their brightness which usually suggests optimism or enthusiasm with passion attached for those who see it!

Cool colors: Blues and Greens

Cool colors have long been associated with health and serenity. Greens represent the outdoors, fresh air, active lifestyles, where hues on the blue end of the spectrum represent trust and dependability.

Neutrals: Black, White, Gray

Neutrals evoke feelings of simplicity, cleanliness, and formality. Luxury brands use a lot of neutral tones and the power of negative/white space to make an impact.