Diversity and Inclusion in Today’s Workplace

celebrate & empower diversity graphicDiversity and inclusion are part of our core values at Creative Resources. What that means is, as a business, we work against unconscious bias, systemic racism, and intolerance. With the recent events in our home town of Minneapolis, as well as other states, and subsequently the world, this is a good time to assess your own company's commitment to diversity and equality.

Good questions to ask include:

-How do our policies reflect inclusion for all, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation?

-As a company, are you ACTIVELY anti-racist? Meaning, are you putting in the work, speaking out, and upholding policies that promote anti-racism?
-Is your leadership team diverse and representative? If not, have you considered why?
-Do you consider unconscious bias when hiring, such as stereotyping based on something as simple as a name on a resume? (e.g. do you call Sara for an interview, rather than Shawntae or Juanita, because you have subconsciously formed assumptions about them?
-Is your company culture one that supports verbally calling out instances of racism, sexism, and other intolerance?
-Do you seek out minority owned businesses to support and partner with?

Our work has barely begun. Systemic changes start with you.

Here is what you can do, to be a part of the solution.

-Do your own research on matters of racism, injustice, unconscious bias. If you find yourself saying, "All Lives Matter," then take the time to fully understand what "Black Lives Matter" means; the phrases are not mutually exclusive. The information is literally at your fingertips.
-Call out instances of prejudice and racism, rather than sitting in silent outrage.
-Understand the meaning and differences between equality and equity.
-Understand what the term "privilege" fully means. It doesn't mean you haven't struggled; we all struggle. Again, this information is at your fingertips, and we have a responsibility to use our privilege to make our world a better place.

As they say, when we all do better, we all do better.