Employee Onboarding: How to say, “Welcome” with style

Employee onboarding can have a little more pizzazz than just giving them a pile of policies and passwords. Your company can make new employees feel especially welcome by including a little company swag in the mix. Personalized company items can make new employees feel like part of the team. And let’s face it, everyone likes gifts. Here are a few ideas to consider.

Coffee mugs

Mugs are used by most people all day, every day, at work. Adding your company’s branding, and including a mug or tumbler in your welcome kit, is a no-brainer.

employee onboarding

Tshirts or outerwear

Apparel gets the most traction of any other promotional item, in terms of recall and use, and if you can also say “welcome” with these items, then it benefits everyone. Make sure you’re up on the trends ((link to t shirt trends article)) so that the items are more likely to be worn regularly.

Desk organizers and accessories

Millennials, especially, love logoed desk accessories. Their popularity only drops off slightly in older age groups, making personalized desk accessories the #3 most searched product category. The #1 category? Writing instruments, for the win. Bonus: customized pens won’t break the bank.


Caps receive as many impressions as t-shirts, and again, as long as you’re up on the trends and ordering items that people want to wear, then you can get great ROI from company caps.