How to Keep your Best Employees Engaged with Employee Recognition Programs

In any business, keeping good employees happy is essential to long-term success and profitability. If your best employees are leaving regularly, it can also severely damage your reputation as an employer and make it harder to find the skilled workers you need to keep growing your business. One way that you can make sure you don’t lose valuable employees to turnover or burnout is through employee recognition programs. These programs recognize employees’ hard work, help them feel appreciated and rewarded, and teach them what they can do to get the same rewards in the future.

Here are some ways that you can build effective employee recognition programs at your company.


Why employee engagement is critical

In the face of change, employees most likely to quit are the highest performers. What does that mean? It means those who add the most value to your business are the most likely to leave if they feel a part of it is slipping away from them. If you want to keep your best people engaged, then you need to be innovative in your approach. This means offering recognition programs and other incentives that go beyond monetary compensation.

Create a plan for ongoing employee recognition

Making your employees feel valued and appreciated is key for retaining talent. Creating a specific plan for appreciating your employees on an ongoing basis can help build loyalty, improve team morale, and retain valuable talent. The simplest way to do so is through employee appreciation kits, which are personalized sets of rewards and thank-you gifts that employees receive after they meet a certain goal.

Ideas for employee recognition programs

Employee recognition programs aren’t one-size-fits-all. Every company is different, so there are endless ways of showing your gratitude; it all depends on what you know about your company culture and what will resonate most with your employees.
You handpick each item based on what you know about the recipients and your company culture, so it's not just another novelty tchotchke.

Take advantage of our expertise!

We have put together hundreds, maybe thousands, of kits through our program. Our kits are custom branded with your company colors and artwork, and we will help you select the items and messaging to give your employees the WOW Factor...and we will deliver the kits right to their doors.