Environmental • Social • Governance



Creative Resources strives to minimize the environmental impact of our products and services while fostering the growth of our company, our people, and the planet.

We are dedicated to promoting and endorsing products manufactured through sustainable and renewable methods. Since 2011, Creative Resources has proudly held Green Business certification, underscoring our unwavering commitment to environmentally responsible practices.

As part of our commitment to sustainability, Creative Resources partnered with the National Forest Foundation, donates and plants a tree for every order placed, reinforcing our dedication and giving back to nature.

Less waste with made-to-order

Our business model is made-to-order. Made-to-order means a product is only produced once ordered in, and in the required quantity. Customers get exactly what they want, and we don’t produce overstock. This is how we can completely avoid wasteful overproduction.

Sustainable product range

We love eco-friendly and sustainably made products. Our sustainable products are made from organic, recycled, or environmentally friendly materials. We’ve set ourselves the goal of offering more sustainable products in the made-to-order area of our business.

One Tree for Every Order

Creative Resource’s commitment to our clients and the environment is to actively participate in making a difference.  With that commitment, Creative Resources will donate and plant a tree, in partnership with the National Forest Foundation, for every order placed.



At Creative Resources, we uphold the principle of treating every individual with the same fairness and dignity that we ourselves expect. We understand that our collective strength is amplified when each person feels empowered and valued.

By nurturing this inclusive environment, we not only enhance the well-being and satisfaction of our team but also promote creativity, collaboration, and innovation. Together, we celebrate the diverse talents and perspectives that contribute to our collective success.


At Creative Resources, we value any characteristics that set one individual apart from another, including the full spectrum of human demographic differences and the different ideas, backgrounds, and opinions people bring.


With a focus on fair and equitable treatment for all, our team strives to identify and eliminate inequities and barriers for the betterment of everyone.


Creative Resources works hard to create a cultural and environmental feeling of belonging and sense of uniqueness for all team members.  Our team should feel valued, respected, and encouraged to participate and be their authentic selves.



Creative Resources is dedicated to continuously reviewing all policies, procedures, and practices to ensure that we consistently uphold ethical and equitable standards. Upholding the highest ethical and compliance standards remains paramount, and our governance structures are designed to inform business decisions and enhance our efficiency and effectiveness in serving our clients. Furthermore, we prioritize product safety and quality, ensuring that all our products meet and exceed our customers' expectations.


We strive to do the right thing in everything that we do to ensure we act as good corporate citizens to our customers, our communities, and one another.


We are committed to rigorous policies, practices, and protocols to protect our IT infrastructure, networks, and devices to ensure the security of customer and user data.  This includes privacy and data protection.