Earth Day is April 22, and with every year, increasingly, people are looking for earth-friendly, biodegradable and sustainable products for their business and their personal lives. 

Implementing environmentally friendly policies in your business may be easier than you think. Here are some ideas.

Infographic on the benefits of going green with your business

Ten things we're doing to make a difference...YOU CAN, TOO.

  • Participate in a park or roadside clean-up for Earth Day, or organize your own. This year, our staff is taking shifts to clean up nearby public areas. Even an hour can make a big difference.
  • Start choosing recycled office supplies. You probably already recycle what you can in your building, but you can take it a step further by purchasing things like recycled copy paper, biodegradable lunchroom supplies, etc.
  • Look into sustainable and biodegradable alternatives. Did you know WE CARRY A LINE OF eco-friendly, brandable clothing and uniforms?
  • ECO-FRIENDLY GIVEAWAYS. There are some really creative new portable options coming out, and our clients are loving to give out branded versions of these items to their employees and customers. Ask us about what's new and popular.
  • Provide filtered water, to reduce the millions of pounds of plastic trash being dumped into the ocean every year.
  • Turn off the lights. You don't need to have every storage room and conference room illuminated all day long, if those rooms aren't being used. This saves more energy and electricity-producing resources than you think!
  • Go digital with your invoices, payments, and contracts. There is a multitude of options that will likely integrate with whatever systems you're already using to run your business.
  • Use chemical-free cleaning products.
  • Review your SUPPLY CHAIN. Look at the big picture. Do your suppliers source materials that are renewable? What are their sustainability practices in their operations or manufacturing?
  • Use a real coffee maker. The statistics on k-cup waste are staggering. Making a pot of coffee is the same amount of work, with vastly less waste.

Recycled branded merchandise from Creative Resources