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Our continued commitment to our clients and the environment is to actively participate in making a difference.  With that commitment, Creative Resources will donate and plant a tree (through the National Forest Foundation) for every order placed through your sales rep.

Your orders have helped to address critical reforestation needs on our National Forests.

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Your purchases have helped to plant over


trees since 2021!*

*number is updated monthly.

What does it mean to be Green Certified?

Our Green Business seal certifies that we:

  • Focus on providing eco-friendly products to our customers.  Items that are made of recycled materials, and that are reusable, recyclable, and sustainable.  Offering green solutions from raw goods, products, ink and logistics and to maintain a required level of sustainability in the workplace.
  • Promote recycling, water conservation, energy conservation, waste reduction and “environmentally friendly" purchasing.
  • Document our ongoing efforts to recycle, reuse and reduce energy and waste

As a certified Green Business, Creative Resources’ initiative and one of our core principles is to help our environment, and do our part in reducing our carbon footprint.  We believe green is more than just a trend; it is being aware that the choices we make impact the world around us. There is an amazing array of eco-friendly products available -- recyclable, reusable, biodegradable or made from Earth-friendly materials – and we find the best of the best. We incorporate them into every client presentation we make.  Most of our clients are actively exploring sustainability opportunities, and they appreciate our partnership in helping them achieve their sustainability goals.

The Conscientious Buyer

Emissions abatement. Climate positivity. Circularity. Net-zero. Carbon offsets. Blockchain. Ethical sourcing. Bio-based materials.

The word “sustainability” encompasses so much that -as a simple definition- it’s at risk of losing its impact.

Though it’s hard for us to get our arms around this topic, there is one thing that is no longer in question: today’s buyer is more conscientious about their spending, more attuned to the impact of their buying habits on the planet, and more passionate about social responsibility than ever before.

You can see this rise peak through one very important window of our world: how we search. Search results are a window into the mind of our culture. Search indicates what people are thinking about and how they are thinking about it. According to Google’s search trends report in 2020, “how to change the world” was searched twice as much as “how to go back to normal.”

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