Earth friendly straws

If you aren't carrying around reusable straws yet, it's just a matter of time. With more than 40% of plastic used once, then tossed, more than 5 trillion pieces of plastic are already floating in our oceans, with that number increasing every minute. According to Bon Appetit magazine, 18 billion pound of plastic are tossed into the ocean each year.

Some cities, like Seattle, have already implemented a ban on non-compostable disposable straws. Businesses are being proactive in phasing out single-use plastics and straws, and with that initiative, comes the desire for reusable straws.

If you're not in the restaurant business, what does that really have to do with you and your brand?

Simple: reusable straws are becoming one of the most sought after items for businesses to give away and sell. Not only can you demonstrate that you are on top of the movement towards less waste, but many of these straws come in portable versions that people can take everywhere....seeing your logo every time they have a refreshing drink.

Materials can vary from metal, to glass, to silicone, paper, and wheat! Some of the straws shown here have been our tried-and-true biggest sellers in the past year, and some just hit the marketplace just in the last month...being the first to know is a good thing.


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