Sustainable Marketing

[Sustainability can be defined as the ability for us to meet the needs of everyone  today without compromising the security and opportunities for future generations. While environmental sustainability is the first thing that comes to mind for most when this term comes up, it also has a great deal to do with social equity (meeting the needs of everyone).

In the business world, companies have been rapidly adopting the sustainability mindset and as a result, have begun to evaluate themselves according to the triple bottom line. This measurement of performance includes three areas: PEOPLE, PROFIT, AND PLANET.

So, while businesses must be profitable in order to survive, for them to be sustainable they need to equally consider the other two priorities of people (all stakeholders in and outside the company) and the planet.]

Excerpt from the Green Business Bureau

People profit planet

Sustainable marketing works because it promotes the core values that your business and your stakeholders actually value – environmental wellness, human health, resource security, fair trade, social equity, etc.

As a result, it makes your company’s advertising stand out in a market that is still dominated by the traditional “put-down” style of advertising.

By engaging in sustainable marketing, your business will earn the trust of consumers and in turn, their loyalty. And in today’s market, loyalty is the biggest competitive advantage of them all.

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The Benefits of Sustainability to your Business

🌱 Attracting customers from the growing market of sustainability-minded consumers,

🌱 Gaining employees who are passionate about making a difference in the world,

🌱 Winning more bids as a supplier, as large companies and governments are starting to look for suppliers who are socially and environmentally responsible,

🌱 Building a strong brand reputation,

🌱 Building a purpose-driven culture through employee engagement.