Trend Watch 2020

2020 trend watch

Getting the most out of your merch in 2020

In presidential years, people are generally wary to spend money. However, businesses still need to promote themselves, and they’re still going to need to get work done. Many companies want to express their social activism and social responsibility more than ever before, and leave their political views off the table.

With this in mind, there are some areas where promotional money can be well spent, with both business, and consumer, values in mind:

-Sustainable materials

-High quality and durability

-Handmade, earthy aesthetics, especially mixed materials.

With this in mind, how can you make get the most traction out of your promotional dollars? By choosing items that embody ALL of those things. Examples include ceramic drinkware with wood or cork accents, or cotton caps and canvas bags with leather embellishments.

In addition to high-quality tangibles, experiential products are in demand. Creating an experience for the end-user generates a memorable moment of inactivity, which is likely to be shared and posted on social media.